KSFA Johnston Singles League 2017 reaches the Final Stages

27/07/2017 17:08

As all of you know last Sunday under the majestic Villa Bighi, the last qualifying match from the above league was held. After this match all 21 competitors had their worse match weight removed. After doing so the Top 10 anglers that had the best weights have qualified for the Final 2 Matches. It was a really close call where we have to congratulate all competitors that have participated and wish Goodluck to the finalists.


Match 1 - Comino - 01/05/17

Top 3 : Bjorn Brincat (3.36Kgs) , Jonathan Bonnici (2.11Kgs) , Clayton Camilleri (1.74Kgs)



Match 2 - Vittoriosa Toqba - 29/06/17

Top 3 : Joseph Ellul (2.11Kgs) , Clayton Camilleri (2.00Kgs) , Jonathan Bonnici (1.98Kgs)



Match 3 - Deep Water Quay Marsa - 09/07/17

Top 3 : Aaron Xuereb (2.61Kgs) , Yauman Law (2.58Kgs) , Brian Farrugia (2.50Kgs)



Match 4 - Kalkara Bighi - 23/07/17

Top 3 : Bjorn Brincat (2.18Kgs) , Jonathan Bonnici (1.66Kgs) , Pierre Poulton / Jason Saliba (1.43Kgs)



Biggest Fish - Gilthead Bream (Awrata) 1.210Kgs caught by Sandro Cohen  


Finals Layout


For the final matches all competitors shall be starting again where all weights obtained till now shall drop and 1 section shall be drawn and normal point system will be worked out. In this way, all 10 competitors stand a chance till the last match to be crowned Champions of this year's KSFA Johnston Singles League 2017


Classification of the Singles League after the Qualifying Session