Bjorn Brincat takes first honours in KSFA Johnston Singles League!

03/05/2017 21:09

The KSFA Johnston Singles League got under way today, under the new format. This was the first of the 4 qualification matches to be won by weight. The venue was a first as early this morning our anglers were crossing over to Comino, where this first match was fished. Much was expected from this venue, but although some nice parrot fish were caught, it was rather underwhelming for such a venue. But Bjorn Brincat, made the best of it by claiming top position with no less then 3.36kgs. The second spot was taken by Jonathan Bonnici with 2.10Kgs, and third place went to Clayton Camilleri with 1.74kgs. We all had a great time, and returned on the ferry in a jovial and merry mood, one big happy family. Thank you all! And thank you Mister Fish our main sponsor and Quality used cars Msida. Next match Sunday 7th May the last decisive doubles match. May the best team prevail:)