KSFA Johnston Singles League 2018 Match 2 Report

04/06/2018 13:31
  On the 3rd June, qualifier match 2 from the KSFA Johnston Singles League 2018 was held at Manoel Island. Unfortunately not all anglers could come over due to personal problems. Still a total of 12 competitors were quite eager to compete. At 06:30 competition started, most fish being caught...

KSFA Johnston Singles League 2018 Match 2 Details

30/05/2018 07:30
  Next Sunday 3rd June 2018 the second match of the KSFA Johnston Singles League shall be held. Competition venue shall be Manoel Island and all anglers shall meet at 5:30am. Competition Time will be from 06:30 till 10:30.   Good luck to All & Tight lines.

Who is the Champion in Speedfishing?

29/05/2018 16:36
     There are a lot of different techniques for fishing competition but there is one which surely is a game changer when fishing certain venues, Speed Fishing. Not all anglers like this type of fishing but all those practise it do say that they are the best. This year our Club has...

Fortune Calafato seals Match 1 from the KSFA Johnston 2018 qualifications

22/05/2018 07:48
  The first match of KSFA Johnston Singles League literally started with a bang, as although the day started nice and clear, midway we were hit by a thunderstorm, with hail and torrential rain. But as usual our anglers would not be out done, and although drenched and most without...

Fishing Mania Charters

09/05/2018 12:53
  When you hear KSFA Malta you know that you can find expert advise on different type of shore fishing techniques. This year KSFA is collaborating with boat fishing expert Piere Galea of Fishing Mania Charters.  They offer a lot of different services mainly being: Half Day Fishing...

A run through the KSFA Doubles League 2018

07/05/2018 12:26
  On the 7th January our Club had it's Annual General Meeting and since the KSFA Al Legna Doubles League starts a couple of days afterwards the competitors started chatting about the Doubles League at the dawn of 2018. This year there was a main difference that technically affected all Fishing...

KSFA Doubles Match 5 Report - Colmic Anglers Fortune & Gilson make the most from the last Doubles competition

06/05/2018 21:19
  Today, the final match was held at Xghajra. Sea was really calm but before the commencement of the competition friendly tension was felt since it was the last match and all Top 3 positions where drawn up. As soon as sections where drawn teams fighting top spot was drawn in the same section...

Who is going to win the KSFA Double League 2018 ?

05/05/2018 07:20
    Tomorrow at Xghajra we shall be having the final Competition from this year's Doubles League.3 Teams are still battling the Championship Spot. The team composed from Jason Saliba & Jonathan Aquilina have a slight advantage over the other two teams composed from Joseph Ellul /...

National Federation Sports Angling Malta - KSFA's Miguel Grech Crowned League Champion followed by our John Attard

04/05/2018 07:07
  Last Sunday 29th April the 4th and final match of the NFSAM 2018 League was held. This final match was held at Qawra Point, just below the National Aquarium facing the open sea. This match was an open where anglers could have used both leads and floats. From the early minutes of the...

KSFA Doubles Match 4 Report - John & Joe make the most between the super yachts

15/04/2018 16:36
  KSFA doubles match 4 necessitated a change of venue due to very rough seas and we would heartily like to thank the Grand Harbour Marina management for issuing us with a permit on such short notice. This venue had not been fished in matches for a while, and thing started off pretty well in...
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