KSFA Cisk Mullet Match 4 Report - Mario Marlow makes the best from Gzira

11/11/2019 08:00


Golden grey mullets on strike yesterday as discussions for better bait fail. Just Mario Marlow & Sandro Cohen were the only 2 KSFA anglers who satisfied the mullets criteria, placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Mario managed 2 mullets with a total weight of .730Kgs with his special stinking ground bait, and Sandro Cohen followed suite with .440Kgs. The rest of the competitors were deemed unworthy and damned to dry nets. 


All members present unanimously agreed that 3rd place be given to Alex Genovese for always being the one to stop fishing early so as to be able to do the weighing in, and taking care to marshall most events. Thanks you Alex and on behalf of all KSFA members we wish you a happy birthday which was on the same day.


As usual thanks to Cisk & Angler Thinkfish, Trophies and vouchers main sponsors respectively. Marindex Trophies, sponsor for biggest fish trophy.


The 5th & final match will be held on the 24th November.

Goodluck and tight lines to all.