KSFA Doubles League Match 1 Report

10/02/2020 13:00


Aaron & Maverick Continue from where they left off last Season


The KSFA Doubles League got under way on the 2nd February 2020. A total of 12 teams  have registered for this competitive league, match 1 being held at Manoel Island facing Valletta on a beautiful sunny morning which was more akin to spring then winter. The sea was so smooth that you could cut it with a blade, with crystal clear waters. Not the ideal conditions for catching fish actually!

But not whit-standing, the 12 competing angler teams registered some very good weights, with the unstoppable Maverick Muliette & Aaron Xeureb catching no less then 3.64kgs! In second place we had Jonathan Aquilina & Clayton Camilleri on 2.070Kgs followed by Rodrick & Josef Coleiro with 1.930kgs. Section Winners were our new International members: Carmelo Gigante & Roberto Limandella and Dorian Mece and Giuseppe Bova. Well done to all.

Thank you to our sponsors Angler Thinkfish for the vouchers & Colmic Italia. Al Legna and Marindex Trophies for the biggest fish trophies.