KSFA 50th Bistro 3 Day Tournament 2019

30/09/2019 05:00
During the last 3 days 22 competitors teamed up in 11 teams and competed for this year's 3 day tournament. 
27th Sepetember - Valletta Waterfront - 19:00 till 23:00
Competitors fished Valletta Waterfront where most fish caught on the day where bream. Unfortunately the much antipicated mullet didn't bite. At the end of the match Carmelo Quattrocchi managed to catch a Salpa of 1Kg. 
Top 3 Teams on the day were:-
Carmelo Quattrocchi & Miguel Grech - 2.890Kgs
Adrian Nelson & Sandro Zammot - 2.630Kgs
Roderick Dimech & Raymond Farrugia - 2.320Kgs
28th September - Manoel Island - 13:15 - 17:15
In this afternoon match sun was blazing and at first the selected area to be fished had to be changed due to swimmers in the selected area. Still the competition was held on the same venue but in a much more smaller area that made fishing more difficult.
Top 3 Teams on the day were:-
Aaron Xuereb & Maverick Mugliett - 3.370Kgs
Carmelo Quattrocchi & Miguel Grech - 1.810Kgs
Adrian Nelson & Sandro Zammot - 1.480Kgs
29th September 2019 - Valletta Breakwater - 09:00 - 13:00

The final match had to start between 07:30 / 08:00 but unfortunately the boat that had to ferry us on the breakwater had engine problems. The commencement of the competition started at 09:00 till 13:00. Most fish caught again were breams and parrot fish.

Top 3 Teams on the day were:-
Aaron Xuereb & Maverick Mugliett - 3.360Kgs
Andre Borg & Joseph Ellul  - 3.030Kgs
Adrian Nelson & Sandro Zammot - 2.510Kgs
We wish to thank all Sponsors for this years successful tournament, being 50thBistro , Xuereb Installations , Angler Thinkfish , Marindex Trophies.
Last but an important thanks goes to Club Treasurer Alex Genovese for marshalling all the tournament.