Denci Fishing CLub Competition for ISTRINA 2011

17/11/2011 20:48
On Sunday the 18th of December 2011, Denci Fishing Club Malta with the collaboration of B'Kara local council under the patronage of his Excellency Dr.George Abela President of Malta, will be organising a fishing competition at the Valletta Waterfront,  in Aid of the Community Chest Fund...

Cavalieri Hotel Fishing Competition in aid of ISTRINA 2011

16/11/2011 21:17
  In an effort to raise funds for l-Istrina mill-Qalb campaign 2011, we have recently launched  the ‘Cavalieri Hotel Community Chest Fund Week’ in conjunction with the office of The President, His Excellency Dr. George Abela. This event consists of a nine-day marathon of family...

Singles League match 3 report

08/11/2011 19:28
  This was the third match of the season for the KSFA singles league 2011 sponsored by Mister Fish. 24 members were divided in 3 sections, according to their previous position attained during Isla's first match. A southwesterly wind was blowing lightly, yet increased by time to force...

KSFA 2011 Singles League - match 2 re-scheduled

27/10/2011 19:23
Match 2 of the singles league was re-scheduled for Sunday 20th November 2011   While marshall's match should be fished on 8th December 2011     Match 2 – bighi 20th November 2011  BIGHI = Chief Alex Genovese + Natalian Attard & Jonathan Aquilina   Match...

KSFA Malta links on

27/10/2011 12:23
KSFA linked their webpage with as this will help our association in further local recognition.   One can find our listing here .............

Fantastic KSFA 3 day tournament ends with a friendly gathering at Lemon N Lime MSkala

23/10/2011 14:30
The KSFA 2011 3 day tournament was again another huge success by the club. 7 teams participated in this event, all with great enthusiasm and eagerness to win. This was showing from weeks prior the tournament as the teams were building up and preparing their tactics.   Amongst the...

7 teams of 4 anglers each challenge for the KSFA 2011 3 day tournament

18/10/2011 19:49
  Another team subscribed for the KSFA 2011 OPEN 3 day tournament so the amount of teams subscribed now is 7 teams. The Haber family joined in a group of 4 anglers who will also be challenging for the trophies   Another particular team is the Blue Sea Angling Club which will be...

Singles Match 2 postponed due to very bad weather

16/10/2011 12:56
Match 2 of the KSFA singles league 2011 was cancelled this morning due to very bad weather conditions.   It was a very brave decision form the chief marshall on the day Kevin Cassar to cancel the event, since it was very risky to carry out the fishing competition in thunder and lightning...

KSFA members are encouraged to take part in STRINA 2011 Mullet fishing competition

14/10/2011 20:01
A 5 hour competition will be held in Marsaskala on Sunday 30th October 2011.    This event will be organised by the Blue Sea Angling Club in collaboration with the Marsaskala local council.   Fishing time from 10.00am till 3.00pm and fee for the event is 6euros per...

KSFA 2011 3 Day Tournament - closing date for registrations

12/10/2011 20:49
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