2011 Highlights of Sport Shore Fishing in Malta

26/12/2011 19:29

Kevin Cassar gets the mullet man of the year fishing the last match in MXlokk u typical bolognese style with very fine floats and fishing line .....

Kevin also experienced his very first national angling sport fishing competition as he was well placed in the World Championships 2011 but the dream ended with some foul play from the Italian team 


Team Sharks composed of the brave couple Mario Marlow and Clayton Camilleri achieve the Doubles League Winners with some classical speed fishing 

Marlow also did part of the National Federation of Sport Anglers team Malta for the Sport Fishing World Championships in Grosseto


Newcomers Charles Grech and Joseph Ellul also did great for their first time ever experience in the club with some good captures


Team Malta for Sport Fishing World Championships in Porto Santo Stefano ......


Some good results until foul play from host nation decided to foul play .... actually team A from Malta was in 2nd position


KSFA Team wins the first edition of the Puttinu Fishing Gozo Competition with some good rock fishing


Adrian Nelson got first place with rock mullet fishing on surface bait


National Federation of Sport Anglers 2011 league saw the first 14 places for KSFA Anglers. The first 10 anglers will participate in 2012 float fishing championships in Spain next year


With Adrian Nelson also winning the National Champion 2011 with a record catch of 7.62kgs of sea breams in 4 hours totalling a 9.34kgs in just 2 matches in Manoel Island and Marsa Virtu Ferries Terminal fished for the very first time in history


In the meantime it was also time for the KSFA annual 3 day tournament won by the experienced team of James Gilson, Mario Marlow, Clayton Camilleri and singles champion 2011 Franklin Formosa.

A good capture of 12kgs was achieved by the lads on 3 day fishing outings in Valletta Waterfront, Manoel Island and Vittoriosa


Franklin Formosa got his best as he got hold of his first ever KSFA Singles Champion Trophy becoming the KSFA champion 2011. Franklin was also part of the National Team in 2011. Some notable captures in the singles league made him win with a total of 30 points and 8.23kgs in 5 matches


meanwhile newcomer James Micallef netted a nice sized gilthead bream from Senglea on light ledgering to win the biggest fish of 2011


That was the story for KSFA 2011 .......