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231 unique visitors for in the first launch week

08/10/2011 15:35
Great news in the first week of launch of as it gets a good number of visitors from all around the globe .....  

The KSFA 3 day open tournament latest news .......

08/10/2011 14:20
6 teams already subscribed for the KSFA 2011 OPEN 3 day tournament. One particular team is the Blue Sea Angling Club which will be fielding a 4 man team for this tournament.   So far these are the entries:   Charles Grech  Joseph Ellul James Micallef Lorry...

New forum page

08/10/2011 14:17
please note that the forum that started last week on the Homepage was moved to another page on this website.   Due to these changes all posts from last week were lost!    

Registrations for the KSFA 2011 - 3 DAY OPEN TOURNAMENT now open

03/10/2011 18:58
  Open 3 day tournament 2011   Teams of 4 each Day 1 - Friday 21st october – waterfront meet 6.00pm fish from 7.00pm till 11.00pm Day 2 – Saturday 22nd October - manoel island meet 10.00am fish from 11.00am till 3.00pm Day 3 – Sunday 23rd October - bighi meet 6.00am fish...

Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association wins the National Federation League in full flight

02/10/2011 21:54
KSFA wins the shore angling Malta national federation league 2011 in full flight with the first 14 places in the table. A record catch of 7.62 kgs from Valletta Grain Terminal drove Adrian Nelson in top position to end the table with a record catch of 9.34kgs in two single matches and become...

Clayton Camilleri Leading the Singles League

02/10/2011 21:14
After the first match of the singles league 2011 in Senglea, former 2009 champion Clayton Camilleri is in top position.   Next Matches are scheduled:     Match 1 – senglea 25th sept 2011  SENGLEA = Chief John Attard + Joe Schembri & Brian...
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