Franklin Formosa wins the mullet league 2012

11/03/2012 16:33

Last day of the mullet league 2012 organised by Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association saw Franklin Formosa ending with a dry net but still manages to keep the first place in the overall table.


It was a very difficult venue in force 5 winds and completely murky waters which saw newcomer to the club Robert Attard netting a total of 100gms. Steve Johnston gets second place with a 60gms small mullet and Adrian Nelson with five small fish netting a total of 40gms and thus keeping his position as runner up in the final table.


Nathaniel Attard still kept hold on the biggest mullet trophy for 2012 with the 830gms mullet caught from Kalkara in the first venue, and still kept his position as third in overall final league table in joint with Charlo Borg 



With compliments from Mister Fish Malta and San Paulo Naufragio Bar in Valletta, the main sponsors for this year's league will leave a nice voucher of fishing equipment from Mister Fish Malta according match winnings and final table ..... 


Adrian Nelson - 140euros

Nathaniel Attard - 110euros

Franklin Formosa - 100euros

Charlo Borg - 90euros

Robert Attard - 40euros

Fortune Calafato - 40euros

Steve Johnston - 30euros

James Micallef - 20euros

Emy Grech - 20euros


Franklin Formosa Mullet Champion 2012



Topic: Franklin Formosa wins the mullet league 2012

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