KSFAs doubles league gets underway as Josef and Miguel win in style

01/05/2014 17:23

KSFAs doubles league got underway today with the first match of the season being held at Bahar Ic Caghaq, in the open sea. 

Much was expected of this venue but unfortunately most of the fish caught were small bottom fish mainly Rainbow Wrasse (Gharajjes). 

It was a glorious day the approach of summer very much in evidence and not withstanding the small fish netted a very enjoyable morning indeed.In 1st place we had Josef Cassar and Miguel Grech who besides catching the obligatory bottom fish managed also to lure the small mullet in (bobin) and made the most of these to end up with a nice weight of 2.36kg.

And oh how close were the 2nd and 3rd placed with just 10g to seperate them, Clayton Camilleri and Charlo Borg weighing 1.88kgs and Sandro Zammit and Brian Farrugia 1.87kgs.

Section winners were Andre Borg and Darren Stafrace and James Gilson and Jonathan Aquilina with 1.66 and 1.32 Kgs respectively.

Next match 25th May 2014. Venue to be announced.