KSFA 2013 Puttinu Match Winners

27/03/2013 22:09


A much expected event which unfortunatetly ended  earlier than stipulated due to unforseen circumstances sew Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association earn a good overall win and thus mantaining the shield for both club and individual winnings.


€1200 were raised during the annual fishing competition held at Corradino Wharf in Paola. This fishing competition was organised by Mr Julio Azzopardi in collaboration with the Puttinu Cares Gozo Committee.

The champion club in the competition is Kingfisher, whilst the Big Fish Trophy was presented to Charlo Borg, who caught a seabream weighing 960 grams. The rest of the results follow:


Team Champion:
1st place: AC Milan  4.51 kg (Kingfisher)
2nd place: The Catchers 4.11 kg (Kingfisher)
3rd place: Charlo Pierre 3.09 kg (Kingfisher)


Doubles Champion:
1st place: Darren Stafrace & Franklin Formosa 3.51 kg
2nd place: Jason Saliba & Joseph Ellul   2.76 kg
3rd place: James Gilson & Steve Johnston   2.38 kg


Singles Champion:
1st place: Franklin Formosa  2.62 kg
2nd place: Joseph Ellul   1.51 kg
3rd place: James Gilson   1.35 kg


Several established fishing clubs in Malta took part in this competition which was sponsored by the Anglers Centre, Mister Fish, Roots, Buon Pesca, Fishing Frenzy, Fishing Fever, Copyserv, Pirotta Fishing Centre, Solar Engineering Limited and Reel8 Productions Ltd.

This competition follows the success of two other competitions held in the past years, where €2,000 were raised.