Report - KSFA Colmic Open Float League 2024 Match 3

03/06/2024 00:00


Carmelo Quattrocchi Wins back to back Float Matches


Yesterday morning our anglers had the third match of this year's league. Competition was held at Kalkara so as to have shelter from the NE wind. Anglers met up at 6am and fished from 07:00 till 11:00.


Carmelo Quattrocchi managed to catch some niced stripped seabream and some others bream and with those he managed to win the top spot of the podium with a nice weight of 2.082kgs. Second overall position was won by Club Veteran John Attard with a weight of 1.345Kgs. Third Overall was won by Sandro Cohen with a weight of 1.172 Kgs.


Section winners of the match were Angelo Cutona & Alexander Koukias. With this win Carmelo Quattrocchi has quite a big possibility of being crowned this Year's KSFA Colmic Open Float Champion. 


We would like to thank the Sponsors of this League Angler Thinkfish G'Mangia / Angler Thinkfish Zebbug, Marindex Trophies & Colmic Italia Spa.