Tubertini KSFA Doubles Match4 news

25/03/2015 14:22

This year's KSFA Doubles League has already passed the half way mark.

Team Milo consisting of Roberto Bugeja & Adrian Nelson are leading the table followed
closely by the newcomers Lyon & Pierre Galea.

Next Tuesday 31st March 2015 the 4th match is going to take place on the quay of the Corinthia
Marina Hotel.

Anglers will meet at 6am for bait distribution and drawing of pegs.

Fishing time will be from 07:00am till 11:00am.

Chief Marshalls :- John Attard / Joe Schembri

Marshalls:- Alex Genovese / Pierre Poulton

The competition shall be held at the Corinthia Marina in Paceville, and we
shall be meeting in front of the gate next to the parking. It is appreciated
that all members come on time to enter the premises together. Since we
shall be in the hotel premises let all try to keep our noises to the bare
minimum together with the fact of leaving the place clean once we finish. Your
collaboration would be highly appreciated. 

Also may I kindly remind you to bring along your bucket in order for the bait
to be distributed. After the match the medals will be presented and therefore
it will be appreciated if all members could stay for a few minutes.

Should you are not able to attend for this match kindly advise. 

Goodluck & Tight Lines
to Everyone!