Sandro Zammit wins in Xghajra

08/07/2013 14:57

In pure hot summer conditions but with some good Eastern currents yesterday's Kingfisher's match was held in Xghajra.

This match was also part on the National Federation of Sport Anglers 2013 National League in which KIngfisher SPort Fishing Association and Blue Sea Angling CLub are competing to present the national team for Malta to participate in Italy 2014 European Championships.


First place was Sandro Zammit with a superb catch of 4.23kgs of nice sized fish mainly sea breams and a good number of parrot fish.

Second on the day was Clayton Camilleri with 1.83kgs of mixed bottom fish, while Adrian Nelson placed third with 1.63kgs of small mullets.


The 2013 singles league and first  part of the National Federation League will end up with next Sunday's match in Manoel Island. 



Federation match photos by Francis Darmanin