Mullet League 2014 roundup and presentation in Vivaldi Hotel

30/12/2014 17:56

Some interesting venues were chosen for this year's mullet 2014 league 

One must say it was quite a change in methods for every single venue due to depth of venues fished.

First two matches were held in the new Senglea Waterfront

Darren Stafrace with some good catch on running float in Senglea Creek. Darren is sponsored by Tubertini Malta.


match 1 was won by Clayton Camilleri who returned to sport fishing after an absence of nearly 2 years from the sports.

match 2 was won by Stefan Borg who also had a short break after his great years in which he won a Singles champion with KSFA.


In both these 2 matches anglers had to adopt mostly to the fixed float 7mtr and 8mtr rods, together with the running float method to make up for 6-7mtr of depth in the area.


Stefan Borg adopted well the polaris float method to have the best of the others.

Stefan Borg mastering the Polaris technique in Malta .......


Third match was tough as it was fished in Mgarr Harbour Gozo.

Adrian Nelson won the match bagging over 30 mullets which helped him win the title for 2014 mullet man.

Adrian Nelson angler team Malta. Has always placed amongst top five anglers in Malta, won the federation league in 2011 and represented Malta in float fishing for 3 consecutive years in Italy, Spain and Italy 2014. Presently he is sponsored by Ellevi Baits of Lorenzo Valvassura.

Clayton Camilleri grabs 2nd overall and winning the biggest fish with a nice mullet of 700gms from Mgarr Gozo

James Gilson placing third in the overall standings

Adrian Nelson winning top spot for 2014 Mullet League