Mit-Tfal Ghat-Tfal A Success Story

07/09/2015 10:22


On Sunday 30th August after a lengthy break from organising charity events KSFA came back with a bang, in the shape of a fishing marathon aptly called Mit-Tfal Ghat-Tfal, translated freely to English reading “ From the Children to the Children”, and that is exactly what  it was. 

Where kids fished for 3 whole hours to collect money for the children in Rainbow Ward of Puttinu.

Back in 2005 KSFA had got together a 48hr nonstop fishing marathon complete with entertainment and even live transmissions on TV for Puttinu. 

This time round it was the young anglers turn, where no less than 50 showed up together with their parents, all geared up with fishing rods, tackle, keep nets, buckets and all. 

They had a great time, with the parents giving a helping hand every now and then. 

They did manage to catch a good amount of fish actually but their biggest catch of course was the amount of money collected which was just shy of 1,200 euros at 1194. Accompanying the kids during the event was Unique Radio with a live continuous transmission of the event. 

The event even attracted National TV in the form of TVM, who came on site and interviewed some of the children and aired a clip of the event which can be found here. Just copy and paste address to your browser.


At the end of the marathon all our young anglers were presented with a medal commemorating the event by Marsacala Council.

KSFA would like to thank all those who somehow or other helped to make this event such a success. Starting with Marsascala Local Council, who also kindly sponsored the medals. Rimus trading Agency and Paolo Bonnici Ltd, who kindly donated sweet packets and cereal bars for our hungry anglers.

Unique Radio for providing the entertainment and continuously encouraging people to come over and donate. Thank you also to Denci Club for their donation. And of course last but not least all the committee members and Club members who showed up to give a helping hand.

A special mention also goes to our Founder and now Hon President Steve Johnston, who although physically very far away from us in Canada, where he now resides, never stopped encouraging us through messenger and facebook and participated wholly in the run up to the event by his input. Thank you Steve and we miss you.



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