KSFA working closely with Conservation Biology Research Group

10/09/2012 12:03

KFSA is currently supporting a research project run by Sandra Agius Darmanin. Sandra, who is undertaking post-graduate research under the supervision of Dr. Adriana Vella, Ph.D., conservation biologist leading the Conservation Biology Research Group at the University of Malta.  This research project focuses on the biology of 5 species of sparids which are all caught during sport or recreational fishing around the Maltese Islands.

Findings of this research will provide vital information about the life stages of these species and their presence around our coasts together with establishing effective ways of promoting good practice and safeguarding coastal biodiversity for the benefit of all, including sport/recreational fishing.

Useful monitoring practices and promotion for local awareness and conservation of these species and responsible fishing activities would also be an important output of this project.



For more information and to offer your support for this research, kindly contact KSFA, or

Dr Adriana Vella on 99429592 or email: adriana.vella@um.edu.mt

Sandra Agius Darmanin  on 99820014 or email sandra.agius@um.edu.mt




For further info you may visit:

Sandra Agius Darmanin




Dr Adriana Vella