KSFA with a Facebook discussion group

27/02/2015 21:07

Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association has opened a new Group account of facebook


This will be a good forum for discussing various events and good for more exposure for the Association.


On the event of the 20th Anniversary of the KSFA here are some comments from veteran members in the club:


Pierre Poulton KSFA changed my life in 1997. I was always keen about fishing but I learned to respect the sea after I joined KSFA. People like Stevey JohnoRamon Vella, Michael Delia, Kevin Mangion, Il Mussi and others who are still in KSFA today explored fishing techniques that are still valid for today and are ways to success in the KSFA matches. However there is always room for new knowledge and as we saw during the years, passionate anglers who were new to the club managed to introduce more efficient ways of fishing and managed to stand on the podium. My advice is to never stop learning, be humble enough to listen to what others have to say and explore your own variations of the basic techniques. THANK YOU KSFA.

Stevey Johno 20 years of brilliant fishing matches and meeting great people along the way  so many great anglers have come and gone through the club but not without leaving their mark and sharing their technique. Congrats to all and thank you to all those who helped me make this club what it is today. Thank you 

Charles Caruana This is where I started to learn how to fish with my mind, (apart the rod). At first I was learning the new and modern tactics. Then I started to develop my own way of fishing, although the past was never forgotten, as I had to mix past and present. I am realy greatful to the Association as a lot was given to me . One of the most important massage that it got into me was the CATCH AND RELEASE. At first it was hard but now I can say that I practice it almost every time I go Fishing. Thanks to all at KSFA.