KSFA 2016 TUBERTINI Doubles League .... 12 superteams registered

21/01/2016 17:06

Preparations are well under way for kick off the 2016 most awaited doubles league.

With registrations now closed a total of 12 teams have been registered.

First match will be held at the Manoel Island most probably the part facing Valletta as wind is forcasting strong NorthWest.


However there may be some changes with the fishing zone being changed to facing Sliema Fortina Resort as wind direction may change.

This will be decided by the chief marshalls on the day.


This year it is looking to be a great task for one to place amongst the first three on the podium as well known anglers have teamed up in very good teams.

Below will be the list to be followed with marshalling the matches: 


Match 1:- Pierre Poulton & Clayton Camilleri 

Mark Zarb & Miguel Grech 


Match 2:- Andre Borg & Joseph Gower Ellul 

Jonathan Vella & David Collins 


Match 3:- Roberto Bugeja & Adrian Nelson 

Robert Attard & Adrian Zahra 

Luke Bullit & Luke Borg 


Match 4:- John Attard & Joe Schembri

James Gilson & Fortune Calafato 

Stefan Borg & Luke Camilleri 


Match 5:- Kevin Cassar & Saviour Borg

Brian Farrugia & Jonathan Bonnici


This year for the second in a row the league will be fished again using same baits for everyone with the pack for every team being


  • 3kg of pre-packed Tubertini ground bait
  • 2kg of Tubertini grounded sardine
  • 400grms of frozen shrimps
  • 3 boxes of  Select maxi korean worms
  • 1 Farka (pane treccia Pearl)
This again will prove the best of the best as it is mostly the angler's skill that mostly will determine the final result.