Good match for KSFA anglers in Federation League match 2

11/06/2012 21:16


It was a great day for KSFA anglers as they dominated the Xghajra match with top 4 positions.


Pierre Poulton did a good weight of 4.4kgs netting mostly small mullet on pole fishing. Adrian Nelson also manages a good 2nd place with 2.96kgs of small mullet and a mix of bottom fish including a good amount of small parrot fish. In 3rd place James Gilson with 2.79kgs mostly bottom fish.


Below are the classification standings after match 2 ........ KSFA anglers still holding firm all the first 8 positions in the table.


Photos by Robert Attard (Robbie)

What are your views regarding the National Federation League 2012?

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