Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association wins the National Federation League in full flight

02/10/2011 21:54

KSFA wins the shore angling Malta national federation league 2011 in full flight with the first 14 places in the table.

A record catch of 7.62 kgs from Valletta Grain Terminal drove Adrian Nelson in top position to end the table with a record catch of 9.34kgs in two single matches and become Malta Champion 2011.


Runner up in the table is James Micallef with 7.99kgs and third Roberto Bugeja with 6.61kgs.


The first match saw newcomer James Micallef setting a good position with a good catch of 3.84kgs from Manoel Island followed by Robert Bugeja and Stefan Borg.


The second match was a complete turn around as Nelson came from behind to set up a good position and ending the league with a good cushion of 1.5kgs. In the second match James Micallef and Fortune Calafato were 2nd and third respectively.


This is the full table that will ensure the first top ten positions that will represent Malta in the European Championships 2012 in Spain.


NFSAm Singles 2011 -2.pdf (27,3 kB)


MALTA CHAMPION 2011 - Adrian Nelson