The KSFA Tubertini Singles 2015 League

22/04/2015 18:31

With the Doubles League out of the way now the road is clear for KSFAs Tubertini Singles League.

The first match is due next Sunday the 26th of April and the venue will be one of the favourites in the shape of Manoel Island. Same as the Doubles League all participating will be provided with the same bait on the day by the Marshalls.

No additives can be added to the bait provided, thus all anglers will be starting on equal footing.

Bait Provided wil be:         1 Kilo Sarda

                                       2 Kilos Fondo mare

                                       300 grams Prawns

                                       2 Maxi Korea

                                        Lidl Tramezzini bread

All participating Anglers are urged to bring along the yellow buckets provided. Those who as yet do not have one, this will be provided on the day.

Marshall on the day shall be: Chief Alex Genovese, Pierre
Poulton, Joseph Ellul, Fortune Calafato and Michael Godfrey.

We shall be meeting at 0600 near the gate to fish between 0700 and 1100hrs.

As usual it is imperative that we leave the venue clean when we are finished. Since we have already submitted the car reg numbers to Manoel Island as requested, please make sure that the supplied car number corresponds with the car used.

We would also appreciate it that if any member will be unable to attend, he kindly informs the committee beforehand.

As usual a raffle will be drawn at the end of the match, which prize will be supplied by our sponsor Tubertini Malta.