#TB to KSFA Singles 2006

14/06/2018 13:43


Time flies! KSFA Singles League 2006, 8 matches composed the league that year and a total of 33 anglers had competed.


Match 1 was fished at Sa Maison and was won by Lawrence Scicluna with a weight of 1.16Kgs closely followed by John Attard with 1.14kgs. The last place on the podium was John Azzopardi with 1.03Kgs.


Match 2 was held at Senglea. Saviour Borg had won the match with 1.590kgs, Paul Sammut placed 2nd overall with  1.370kgs and Kevin Cassar placed 3rd Overall with 1.100Kgs.


Match 3 was held at B' Bugia. Adrian Nelson had won this match 2.170kgs, Jonathan Cassar placed 2nd Overall with 1.310Kgs and Darren Vella placed 3rd with 1.160Kgs.


Match 4 was held at Sliema. Freddie Cassar won the match with 2.710Kgs, Godfrey Farrufia placed 2nd Overall with 1.950Kgs and Stephen Borg taking 3rd Overall with  1.630Kgs.


Match 5 was held at Birgu Toqba. Clayton Camilleri won this match with 1.840kgs,  Steve Johnston followed closely 2nd overall with 1.780Kgs  and Godfrey Farrugia finished 3rd Overall with 1.300kgs.


Match 6 was held at Ta Xbiex. Mary Vella won the match with 2.350Kgs and second Overall was won by Darren Vella with a weight of 1.300kgs. Clayton Camilleri came 3rd overall with 1.260kgs.


Match 7 was held at Birgu. Paul Sammut won this competition with 1.750kgs, Mary Vella followed in 2nd position with 1.300kgs and 3rd overall was shared between Jonathan Vassallo & Clayton Camilleri with 1.230kgs.


The last match, number 8 was re-held again at Birgu.This time it was a really close call since all top 3 positions were divided by a minimial of 30anglers were in the space of 30grms only.Paul Sammut won the match with  1.340kgs closelely followed by Kevin Cassar and Clayton Camilleri with  1.320kgs and  1.310kgs respectively.


Final Winner of the KSFA Singles League 2006 was Clayton Camilleri that managed to win the league with 29 points and a total weight of 7.31kgs. 2nd Overall was John Attard with 25 points and a total weight of 6.410kgs. With 24 points we find 2 competitors Mary Vella and Kevin Cassar with Mary taking the 3rd overall with the weight difference. She had a total of 6.140kgs just 100grms more than Kevin Cassar.