Report - KSFA Colmic Open Float League 2024 Match 2

26/05/2024 22:55



Carmelo Quattrocchi Wins comfortably Match 2 


This morning we had Match 2 from this year's KSFA Colmic Open Float league. Competition was held at Manoel Island facing Valletta. All competitors were eagerly waiting to fish after the poor weights recorded in Match 1 some weeks ago. Weather was nice with a light breeze.


Carmelo Quattrocchi had a really fun day in which he won the match with a marvellous weight of 4.661 Kgs. Second overall was won by Sandro Cohen with a weight of 2.708Kgs. The 3rd and final spot of the podium was won by Alexander Koukias with a weight of 1.258 Kgs. Section wins were won by James Gilson & Giorgio Giunta. 


We would like to thank the Sponsors of this League Angler Thinkfish G' Mangia / Angler Thinkfish Zebbug / Marindex Trophies & Colmic Italia Spa.