Report - KSFA Colmic Doubles League 2023 Match 1

23/01/2023 09:12



Fortune Calafato & James Gilson winners of the first Doubles Match


Earlier today we had the first competition of the Year 2023. Match 1 from the Doubles League was fished at Senglea and unfortunately the weather was not much in favour since the temperature feel factor was around 7 Deg Cels & at certain moments raining too which made the fishing more difficult. 


In total 7 teams registered for this year's Doubles League. From the start of the competition Fortune Calafato & James Gilson started leading by catching bogue, damsel fish and some bottom fish too.  


At the end of the match on weighing Fortune Calafato & James Gilson had a nice weight of 3.746Kgs thus finishing 1st Overall. Second place overall was won by Clayton Camilleri & Raymond Farrugia with a weight of 2.586Kgs. Third overall was won by the brothers Josef & Roderick Coleiro with a wieght of 2.297Kgs.


All fish caught was released back alive after weighing.

We wish to thank the Sponsors of this league, Colmic Italia Spa, Angler ThinkFish, Al Legna & Marindex Trophies.