NFSAM float fishing league 2013 final standings

23/09/2013 21:40

Third and final match of the national float fishing league was held yesterday in Sliema ferries. In total a good number of 17 anglers participated in the last match.

6 anglers from the Blue Sea Spoprts Angling club while the other 11 anglers from Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association.

The day proved to be a difficult match with most of the anglers opting for speed fishing small bogues and damsel fish to pick up some weights and forgot the elusive mullet which looked inexistent on the day.

Jason Saliba once again showed some good skill and technique as he netted a total of 1.56kgs mostly bottom fish, which placed him first on the day thus earning him just 1 single penalty point in the overall table, which kept him in the top position.

2nd on the day the Italian Carmel Quattrocchi who speed most of the match using a hand pole. Carmelo netted 0.860kgs of mixed small bogues, demsel fish and even mangaed a couple of nice garfish.

Third on the day placed Franklin Formoza with 0.790kgs of mixed bottom fish.

The overall winner of the float fishing league was Jason Saliba who deservedely placed in all matches, 2nd overall was Adrian Nelson whiole third place overall was Joseph Ellul.

2 biggest fish were also registered, one caught by Miguel Cutajar netting a nice mullet nearing the 0.400kg mark.

The other was also a mullet nearing the 0.300kg caught by Adrian Nelson.

Both fish were caught on the first match in Birgu Toqba opening match.

First 10 anglers in this highly participated league will represent Malta next year in the European Float Fishing Championships being held in Italy.