Adrian Nelson is KSFA Mullet Champion

23/11/2014 17:52

The last mullet match of this season was held in glorious weather and crystal clear waters at Manoel Island yacht yard, and today the 23rd day of November Adrian Nelson was confirmed KSFA`s Mullet champion. 

And he is very much worthy of this title being 1 of only 2 anglers who managed to catch the most elusive mullet in every match fished, the other being Clayton Camilleri who placed second and also winning the biggest fish in the process, a mullet of .680kgs. 

Third place went to James Gilson. 
In this morning`s match Stefan Borg took 1st place with 1.33kgs, followed by Robert Bugeja in 2nd place with .970kgs and Clayton Camilleri 3rd with .640kgs. 

Thank you all Kingfishers it has been a great tournament!