Miguel Cutajar from Blue Sea Angling nets the first match in float fishing league 2013

28/07/2013 21:24

Tough Compeition we're gonna have from Blue Sea as the first match was won by Miguel Cutajar in Birgu Toqba match.


The match was organised by the National Federation of Sport Anglers Malta and is the first in a series of three float fishing matrches that will determine the first 10 anglers to for Team Malta for Italy 2014 European Cup.


With such restricted rules in using a float for this type of competition and also the use of long poles starting from 6mtr and reel rods from 4 mtrs, that will minimize speed fishing techniques, it was quite a challenging match for most anglers.


The match started at 6.30am and anglers were all prompt to start groundbaiting their areas to attract the fish. With good fishing depths of even up to 8 mtrs in such areas it was quite challenging to set up the appropriate tackle accordingly.


Most anglers fished running float English techniques while other opting for the fixed bolognese methods and pole rods set up on fixed systems.


It was also challengling using only bread, shrimps and worms as bait as some other live bait options such as yabbies and fresh shrimps are not allowed in this league.


Miguel started right at first strikes netting mostly mullet and ended up with a 2 penalty point due to the 1 point acumulated in the first round of federation matches. 

In 2nd place Adrian Nelson from KSFA with a 2 penalty point from this match and no points accumulated from first round of matches. Nelson netted 2 nize sized mullets and a good number of small parrot fish.


Third place was won by Jason Saliba also from KSFA netting a good assortment of small mixed fish mostly small breams and wrasses.