Marshall's list for Singles League 2013

06/04/2013 16:46

Here's an updated list for marshalling the singles league 2013 .......


First match scheduled for Xghajra Zabbar alternative Birgu Toqba.

This year's Singles League will be fished as a joint league with the National Federation League and thus venue information can not be provided at this time due to some locations on which the Federation Committe is working to achieve some special permissions.


Match 1
Alex Genovese
Joseph Ellul
Sandro Zammit
Robert Attard

Match 2
Salvu Borg
Fortune Calafato
James Gilson
Dorian Formosa

Match 3
Steve Johnston
Darren Stafrace
Franklin Formosa
Neville Vassallo

Match 4
Robert Bugeja
Brian Farrugia
Pierre Poulton
Kevin Cassar
Jason Saliba

Match 5
John Attard
Lorry Scicluna
Adrian Nelson
Clayton Camilleri
Joe Schembri