KSFA Xuereb Installations Singles League Registration Details

26/02/2020 07:48


Format of League

During last year's Extroardinary General Meeting and this year's Annual General Meeting the committee with all registered members have made minor modifications for the above said league. The backbone of the league has remained the same with 4 qualifying matches and 2 Final matches. The qualifying matches will be weight based whilst the Finals (Top 10 positions from qualifiers) shall be on 2 sections point based.

The main difference shall be that each and every angler shall be marshalling 1 qualifying match. If the angler for any reason skips his marshall match he will have a 25% weight reduction on his global qualifying weight.

Groundbait & Bait

The groundbait & bait package that one shall be given on the day by the Club is as follows:

x2    Atomic Box of Worms - MAXI
x1    Frozen Shrimps Local
x1    Colmic - Multi Purpose Groundbait (1kg)
x1    Colmic - Mullet Groundbait (1Kg)
x1    CDM Farka
x1    Angler - Fresh Ground Pure Sardine (1Kg)
x1    Golden Harvest French Slice
The price (per match) is of Euro 14.80.


The registration for the above league is open, members can go and pay the registration,  groundbait & bait at Club Main Sponsor Angler Thinkfish G' Mangia Outlet. Last day to register is on the 4th March 2020.

Registration Fee    Euro 20
Bait Fee                   Euro 44.40
TOTAL FEE           Euro 64.40
On our Facebook page we have created an event, press GOING if you are competing so that you can keep yourself updated
We wish to thank in advance the following sponsors for supporting us in our activities
Xuereb Installations - Trophies Sponsor
Angler Thinkfish - Vouchers Sponsor
Marindex Trophies - Biggest Fish Sponsor
Venue Choice
We shall be selecting the venue by the member's vote. 5 Days before competition day we shall be loading a poll with venue options. The venue that gets most votes will be fished (weather permitting).
Hope to see loads of faces around :)