KSFA Xuereb Installations Singles League 2020 - Match 1 Report

08/03/2020 23:00


This morning the KSFA Xuereb Installation Singles League 2020 started. A total of 18 competitors have registered for this much anticipated league. Match 1 was held at Marsascala next to the ex-Jerma Palace Hotel an open sea venue. With a weather forecast of NW 5 / 6 with showers forecasted most anglers were geared up with rainy clothes. Due to a long delay for pegging the venue start of competition was delayed by 30 minutes. That is starting time at 07:30am.


From the start of the match it was noted that bottom fishing was going to be the main target for most anglers with most people catching breams, wrasses, painted combers and other various bottom shore fish. A couple of anglers also had surface small mullets that could make a difference in the end. The match proceeded calmly although just infront of the anglers a storm was brewing with thunders heard and loads of rain falling. The last couple of minutes were fished in rainy conditions although luckily not heavy rain.


Match 1 was won by Roderick Coleiro who fished most competition with his 6m pole rod for small mullets and at the end of the competition also caught a nice sized 400grm mullet, overall weight for Roderick was 3.400 Kgs. 2nd Place was won by Sandro Cohen who fished all competition for bottom fish with a weight of 1.730 kgs and final place of the podium was won by Fortune Calafato with a weight of 1.580kgs mainly being small mullet (bobin).


We wish to thank all sponsors for this league being Xuereb Installations, Colmic Italia Spa, Angler Thinkfish & Marindex Trophies.