02/10/2017 14:35

Joseph Ellul Il Gower and Andre Borg maintain slim lead to win KSFA 2017 tournament.
Andre and Il Gower are this years  tournament winners after they managed to keep hold of the slimmest of leads winning this years fishing festival by a mere 180g over their nearest rivals Charlo Borg and Sandro Zammit. This years event was very keenly contested where the teams were so evenly balanced, that even the last placed team still had a good chance of winning the tournament on the final day, in fact Charlo and Sandro, made a great comeback and managed to climb to 2nd place. In 3rd place this year we saw the return of Fortune Calafato who partnered with James Gilson.
Final top 3:  1st: Andre Borg & Joseph Ellul 5.31Kgs, 2nd: Charlo Borg & Sandro Zammit 5.13kgs 3rd: James Gilson & Fortune Calafato 4.73Kgs.
A special thank you to Alex Genovese who officiated all 3 Matches.