KSFA Singles match 4 - St Angelo Fort

03/07/2016 18:32

The 4th KSFA singles league match was today held under Fort Saint Angelo in Birgu. 

It has been a while since a competition was held there and very much was expected from this venue. 

Did it live up to these expectations ? Not really as bites were few and far between. 

But by sheer persistence the 1kg mark was breached. 

In the morning right before the match Gower made a prophecy, this being that he would be winning this match as he had been allotted the best peg, and lo and behold he did! 

Prosit Gower 1st overall with 1.28kgs. 

In 2nd Place we had Clayton Camilleri with 1.23kgs and in 3rd place Kevin Cassar with.66kgs. 

Andre Borg won the section. 

A special thank you to our sponsors Tubertini Malta. And also Mattress Collection.