KSFA Johnston Singles League 2018 Match 3 Report

25/06/2018 14:16


Ray Farrugia today had a field day at Boiler Wharf Senglea the venue chosen for qualification Johnston’s singles league match 3. Ray fished for mullet practically throughout the whole match, and this reaped great dividends, as by and large he secured 1st place with 2.600kgs, he was followed by Salvu Borg on 1.75kgs, and in 3rd place we had John Attard with 1.10kgs. 

Also during this match it should be noted Raymond Farrugia has caught a nice mullet of 580grms that automatically with it at the moment is winning the biggest fish trophy too.

We would like to thank our all our sponsors, especially our Main Sponsor Mister fish for the vouchers. Marks Hardware Supplies for the league trophies and Mirandex Ltd for the biggest fish trophy.

Classification after the first 3 qualifiers is the following:


Now that we are close to Next and last qualification match will be held on the 8th July. Venue to be announced at a closer date. Below you can also find Final Qualiftication table after each angler has removed his worst weight from the qualifiers.