KSFA Doubles Match 5 Report - Colmic Anglers Fortune & Gilson make the most from the last Doubles competition

06/05/2018 21:19


Today, the final match was held at Xghajra. Sea was really calm but before the commencement of the competition friendly tension was felt since it was the last match and all Top 3 positions where drawn up. As soon as sections where drawn teams fighting top spot was drawn in the same section which meant that Jason & Jonathan knew that a Top 2 position was awaiting them.

As soon as the match started it was immedaitely noted that bottom fish were being caught, Miguel & Bjorn were catching some nice sized parrot fish and had nice lead on the match. But Fortune and Gilson had other plans where they started catching several small mullets and started recovering over Bjorn & Miguel. Joseph Ellul & Jonathan Vella setted fishing for damsel fish which was quite nice in size. 

When weighing over after completion of the match Fortune & Gilson had a slim lead of 100grms over Bjorn & Miguel. The winners of the match had a total wieght of 4.050Kgs, 2nd placed Miguel & Bjorn had 3.950 whilst the third place was won by Jonathan Vella & Joseph Ellul with 3.230Kgs. 

A couple of Kingfisher beers from a new sponsor and some nibbles were shared around a chat between all anglers after the match.