KSFA Tubertini Doubles League 2015 news

09/01/2015 11:38


The KSFA Doubles League 2015 will start on the 25th of January, with the first match being held at Valletta Waterfront. Venues of the other matches will be announced later since the committee is working on possible new venues according to permits that we may obtain.

As decided during our Annual General Meeting, this year we will be having our leagues with some different regulations as regards to bait and ground bait. This will involve that every participant will be provided with the same bait and ground bait. The committee will provide those participating with bait and ground bait prior the beginning of every match. 


These will include:

2kg of pre-packed ground bait per angler

1kg of grounded sardine per angler

200grms of frozen shrimps per angler

2 boxes of  maxi korean worms per angler

a packet of LDL sliced bread to share between partners of each team.


Those that are going to participate need to register during a registration meeting that will be held on the 14th of January at Pieta F.C not later than 7.30 pm since after all teams are registered, marshals for each match need to be drawn. Committee members will be present at around 7.00pm to accept registrations. The fee will be of 20euro per angler for the League and 60euro per angler for the baits and ground baits of all League matches.