KSFA Colmic 3 Day Tournament 2022 - Full Report

04/11/2022 17:45

Aaron Xuereb & Scott Farrugia Winners of this Year's Tournament 


Last week our Club has organised it's Annual 3 Day Tournament. In total 9 Doubles Teams had registered for this year's league with a really good list of sports Anglers. It must be noted that one of the teams were our latest Club Members Giorgio & Roberta - Welcome to our Club. Also we had a team consisting of Adrian Nelson & Isaac Psaila representing HOFC Club whilst Carmelo Farrugia from Blue Sea Fishing Club teamed up with our Acting President Raymond Farrugia. Cousins Stefan Borg & Luke Camilleri past Club members also joined us up. 


Match day 1 was held on the quay behind the Corinthia Marina Hotel, competition starting at 19:00 till 23:00. Bites were few and most anglers tried different techniques. Unfortunately the mullet never showed up. Day 1 was won by the HOFC team Adrian Nelson / Isaac Psaila with a weight of 1.684 Kgs, followed closely in second place by Aaron Xuereb & Scott Farrugia with a weight of 1.601 Kgs. The 3rd overall for the day was the team of Stefan Borg / Luke Camilleri with 1.326 Kgs.

(Classification after Match 1)


Match day 2 was scheduled to be fished at Valletta Fossa close to the Grand Habour Breakwater but unfortunately due to high ENE winds the competition was held further inside the Marsamxett habour next to the Valletta waterpolo Club for the safety of the competitors. During this match bottom fish like wrasses, bream, parrot fish, comber fish were more present. At the weighing the Team consisting of John Attard / Sandro Cohen won the match with a nice weight of 4.096 Kgs. In second place we find Fortune Calafato / James Gilson with a weight of 3.582 Kgs whilst the 3rd Overall place was won by Aaron Xuereb / Scott Farrugia with a weight of 2.672 Kgs. 

(Classification after Match 2)


On Sunday all Teams were eager waiting to fish the final Match at Manoel Island. All Final results were possible since from Position 1 till Position 8 the difference in weight was less than 2Kgs. Unfortunately Giorgio & Roberta couldn't attend the last match therefore for the last competition in total 8 Teams competed. 


Different teams adapted to their fishing spot with some teams targetting Parrot fish & other bottom fish whilst certain other anglers tried their luck with Mullet. On the day Aaron Xuereb & Scott Farrugia won this round again with a nice weight of 4.612Kgs. They were followed in second place of the day by Stefan Borg / Luke Camilleri with a weight of 4.042 Kgs. 3rd on the day we find Adrian Nelson with 3.382 Kgs. 


As a Final Classification (Top3):-

1st Overall - Team Aaron Xuereb / Scott Farrugia  Weight 8.885 Kgs 

2nd Overall - Team John Attard / Sandro Cohen  Weight 7.958 Kgs 

3rd Overall - Team Stefan Borg / Luke Camilleri Weight 7.375 Kgs




A special Thanks goes to Alexander Genovese for marshalling all the Tournament & to our Main Club Sponsors Angler Thinkfish for sponsoring the Vouchers & Trophies of this year's Tournament and also helping us out in organising it.