KSFA Anglers in new adventure of fresh water Match Fishing.

26/02/2018 21:00

KSFA anglers will be trying their hand at something completely new, at least for most of them. As this coming weekend they will be taking the ferry across to Sicily to participate in a trout fishing competition. This will be a first for KSFA, and hopefully will not be the last. This competition is being organised by our friends in Sicily ASD FISH AND FURIOUS, we thank Claudio Cassarino for all his help to make this new adventure possible for us. The match is to be held in Ragusa at the Lago Marcostigma Rosolini next Sunday 4th March. Although it would be a little too ambitious to expect our anglers to win, being their first attempt at fresh water fishing, I am sure that they would be doing their utmost to obtain a credible result.

A total of 7 anglers will be making the trip these being:


  1. Jonathan Vella
  2. John Attard
  3. Raymond Farrugia
  4. Robert Attard
  5. James Gilson
  6. Roberto Bugeja
  7. Charles Caruana
We wish you all tight lines.