KSFA 3 Day Tournament 2018 - Aaron Xuereb & Antoine Borg Crowned Champions

29/10/2018 09:38


The much awaited KSFA 3 day Tournament has arrived for all sports fishing anglers. This year scheduled with a difference by being organised in the last weekend of October rather than the last weekend of September. A total of 9 Double teams had registered. We wish to thank Mister Fish, Cafe Du Brazil & Marindex Ltd for sponsoring us this tournament. Last but our irreplaceble Alexander Genovese for marshalling all 3 matches. 

Below you can find match and overall details with pictures.


Match Day 1 : Vittoriosa Toqba

Competition Time : 19:00 - 22:00 

On the 26th October Aaron Xuereb & Antoine Borg won the first match with a weight of 3.790Kgs, they were followed by Salvu Borg & Kevin Cassar with a weight of 1.180kgs. Third position was occupied by Joseph Ellul and Andre Borg with .990kgs.   Also during this match Salvu Borg recorded a nice mullet of 1.110 which won the Biggest fish of this tournament.


Match Day 2 : Manoel Island

Competition Time : 13:00 - 17:00  

The following day, Manoel Island just before the ex bomb disposal offices was fished. Mullets were the order of the day were many competitors managed to catch good weights. This match was won by John Attard & Robert Attard with 4.490kgs followed closely by Kevin Cassar & Salvu Borg with 4.380Kgs. Third position for this match we find Fortune Calafato & James Gilson with 3.090Kgs.


Match Day 3 : Corinthia Marina San Gorg

Competition Time : 07:00 - 11:00  

On the final day we wish to thank Corinthia Marina Hotel for accomodating us and letting us fish on the quay just beneath the hotel. On the final match Aaron Xuereb & Antoine Borg made it sure to win this year's Tournament by winning this match with a weight of 4.670Kgs. In second place we find John Attard & Robert Attard with a weight of 3.950Kgs and the third place was won again for the second time consecutively by Fortune Calafato & James Gilson with a weight of 3.640Kgs.


Overall Summary

This year's 3 day tournament showed how consistency was quite important. All the 3 teams that finished in the top 3 Positions have been at least twice on the podium during the respective matches. First Overall we find Aaron Xuereb & Antoine Borg with an Overall Weight of 9.980Kgs. In second place we find John Attard & Robert Attard with 9.090 kgs and the final place on the Overall podium we find Fortune Calafato & James Gilson with a weight of 7.300 Kgs.