Kingfisher members in the Singles 3rd match achieve excellent results

09/06/2013 21:44

MANOEL ISLAND ...... presenting one of the few accessible places left for our sports


Today Sunday 9th June the KSFA members met at Manoel Island to compete in their 3rd singles league match. A total of 15 members came prepared to fight another angling match on this beautiful Sunday morning.

The meeting took place opposite Tigne point, except for 2 pegs which were put opposite Valletta.

The match began at 7am, and instantly upon the blow of the horn the anglers started to ground bait their pegs to attract bream, wrasses and of course the magical mullet.

Immediately after one could hear the swishing of rods and lines being cast at distances as the anglers tried to catch the early big fish. After the first hour the catch rate was slow but as time went by the anglers started to improve their weights, some of the anglers like Fortune Calafato, Jason Saliba and Dorian showed great skill in catching a good amount of parrot fish, these were pegged next to each other, showing that the pegs towards the point where proving better fishing on the day.

As time passed it was Jason who was looking the best on the day with continuous catches of parrot fish, wrasses and bream.
The match was not over yet for the members fishing the first pegs on the inside of the point continued to bait for mullet, it was Kevin Cassar who opted to fish the Bolognese method and who started with a good strike to hook a beautiful mullet.

Not long after John Attard, Poulton, Roberto and Gilson all opted for the bolo method and the day started to change for John, in the last 1.5 hours John managed to hook 5 beautiful mullet with the biggest weighing in at 620grms for the biggest fish of the day.

Roberto followed with another 2 mullet as did Gilson hooking  another, Poulton also managed a mullet but was small in size. The match had now turned around and it was anybody’s guess who the winner was to be.

Salvu Borg fishing the end peg facing Valletta had a good match with an assortment of Wrasses, bream and Parrot fish.
The match came to an end at 11.30 am and the marshals prepared to start the weigh in, the overall weights for the singles match were excellent with

John Attard winning 1st overall with 3.050kgs,
2nd went to Jason Saliba with 3.010kgs and
3rd overall went to Fortune with 2.830kgs.
What a match it was to watch as a Marshal and I am convinced the KSFA has produced many good anglers over the years.

Tight Lines
Steve Johnston.

John Attard ...... netting his favourite fish on the day :)