Ellevi Top Knot - Fluorocarbon with super knot strength

08/04/2014 12:26
This clear transparent grey Japanese monofilament has really the highest knot strength: that's the main technical 
feature; in fact TOP KNOT STRENGTH loses less than 3% of its actual breaking strength. 
Thanks to a special extruding process this monofilament is provided with a fluorocarbon coating that prevents it 
from water absorption and increases its abrasion resistance, a some sort of molecular shield that is combined with 
special density of polymers and gives a higher resistance to fish teeth. 
Besides this monofilament has a lowest stretch that allows a quick hook-setting of fish and a highest breaking 
strength like fishing lines of the range “super high tenacity ultra plus”, at the present time the most quality that 
Japanese technology is able to offer. 
The 109.36 yd (100 m) spool is specially developed for hook-length in every type of sea or fresh-water fishing, while 
the 328.08 yd (300 m) and the 1,093.61 yd (1.000 m) spools contain a softer monofilament that is suitable for reel 
especially for Bolognese, Spinning, Ledgering and Surf-Casting. 
Performed final quality control checking during all production phases to grant maximum uniformity in all length.

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