Decisive Marshalls match at San Maison Pieta for next Sunday 21st April

16/04/2013 22:12


After KSFA`s success in the first NFSAM league match which saw its anglers take the top 5 spots, the doubles league continues.

Next Sunday the doubles league will come to an end, but what a match it promises to be, with the top teams being so close.

The top 3 places could go anywhere. The match will start at 0700am, so meeting time is 0600am, fishing for 4 hrs. till 1100hrs.

The Chief Marshall shall be Alex Genovese. In this match Adrian Nelson, Roberto Bugeja, Pierre Poulton, Daryl Pace, David Collins and Jonhatan Vella, will also be helping Alex besides the other Marshalls, as in the last match which had come to a premature end everyone fished including  the afore mentioned, which had been previously drawn to officiate that match.

So now they have to sit this one out as otherwise they would end up with an extra match. Good luck to all!

Full marshalls list: Chief Marshal; Alex Genovese

Marshals;   Brian Farrugia/ Emy Grech
                Stefan Borg/ James Micallef
                Roberto Bugeja/Adrian Nelson
                Pierre Poulton/Daryl Pace
                David Collins/Jonhatan Vella