Cavalieri Hotel Fishing Competition in aid of ISTRINA 2011

16/11/2011 21:17


In an effort to raise funds for l-Istrina mill-Qalb campaign 2011, we have recently launched  the ‘Cavalieri Hotel Community Chest Fund Week’ in conjunction with the office of The President, His Excellency Dr. George Abela. This event consists of a nine-day marathon of family activities between Saturday 26th November and Sunday 4th December 2011.


The organization of this marathon is part of the Cavalieri Hotel management and staff’s commitment to support the L-Istrina campaign and to contribute to this very worthy cause aimed at helping to improve the lives of children, individuals and families within our community.


The marathon includes a football festival, a beach clean-up, dancing & cooking lessons, Zumba classes, a biker’s ride, a tug-of-war, pool table marathon, pets walk, animal blessing, fishing competition, ‘across the bay swim’, a 2-day food market, a live bands marathon, and a wine & beer festival. Various personalities will attend during the events namely the characters of ‘Deceduti’, Zoo, Airport Impressions, Moira Delia, Tonio Darmanin and many others.


Funds will be raised through a participation fee, which each and every participant will pay. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE MALTA COMMUNITY CHEST FUND.


At this stage, I kindly urge you to join us together with your colleagues, families and friends and to spread the word … You will indeed be making a difference..