Annual General Meeting 2015

04/01/2015 18:23

Today the 4th of January 2015 KSFA held its annual general meeting at Pieta football Club for which we are forever greatful to them.

It was revealed that our sponsor for this year will be Tubertini Malta who besides discounted vouchers will be offering KSFA members a 20% discount on purchases from its outlet and 30% on preorders. 

Thank you Tubertini !

This years league will be fished with all anglers having the same bait as was the National league, this was decided after a very heavy vote in favour by members present. 

Tubertini will also be providing the bait also at a discount.

A registration date for the doubles league will be set very soon. 

This to be announcement after a committee meeting to be heldon the 7th.Here's for a great year brimming with fish.