7 teams of 4 anglers each challenge for the KSFA 2011 3 day tournament

18/10/2011 19:49


Another team subscribed for the KSFA 2011 OPEN 3 day tournament so the amount of teams subscribed now is 7 teams. The Haber family joined in a group of 4 anglers who will also be challenging for the trophies


Another particular team is the Blue Sea Angling Club which will be fielding a 4 man team for this tournament


The final entries for KSFA 2011 3 day tournament are:


Charles Grech 
Joseph Ellul
James Micallef
Lorry Scicluna


Fortune Calafato

Charlo Saliba
Darren Stafrace

Jason Saliba


Franklin Formosa

Clayton Camilleri

Mario Marlow

James Gilson 


Jonathan Vella

David Collins

Andre Borg

Joseph Zammit


Stefan Borg

Adrian Nelson

John Attard

Steve Johnston


Blue Sea

Raymond Farrugia

Carmelo Farrugia

Catherine Farrugia

Speditu Cassar


Edward Haber

Ian Haber

Brian Haber

Charles Haber


Please note change in time for the first venue Waterfront as fishing time will start 8.00pm

Also the waterfront venue for Friday night has been confirmed. In any case something happens we will be fishing Boiler Wharf (opposite area - Kordin)


It was also decided that for the very first time in this particular tournament teams can change between partners before every match and can be mixed according to their needs


Open 3 day tournament 2011


Teams of 4 each 

Day 1 - Friday 21st october – waterfront meet 7.00pm fish from 8.00pm till 12.00am

Day 2 – Saturday 22nd October - manoel island meet 10.00am fish from 11.00am till 3.00pm

Day 3 – Sunday 23rd October - bighi meet 6.00am fish from 7.00am till 11.00am


Results by weight system


1st prize – not less than 60euros per angler + trophy

2nd prize – not less than 35euros per angler + trophy


After the Sunday's final event a presentation including a pasta salad will be served at Lemon N' Lime Bar in Marsaskala free to all participants


The KSFA 2011 3 day tournament is sponsored by Mister Fish of Iklin, Fgura and Gzira