NFSAM float fishing league 2013 info and regulations

25/07/2013 13:31

NFSAM float fishing league

The matches will all be held on Sunday mornings as follows. 

Sunday 28th July from 6.30 am - 10.00 am (Venue - Birgu Toqba)
Sunday 25th August time to be advised later (Venue - Valletta Pixkerija)
Sunday 22nd September time to be advised later (Venue - to be announced)


Boxes of worms (hniex tal kaxxa), farka, groundbait (in bags), French sliced bread and Frozen shrimps!!. No other live baits and types of groundbaits may be used.

Penalty Point system

Participation shall be based on the list of participants of the NFSAM 1st league. The list shall be split in 5 (after confirmation of the number of participants). The first five shall benefit from 0 penalty, the second five from 1 penalty and so on. Those participants who have not attended the three matches shall have the maximum penalty +2. The penalty points for the float fishing league shall be cumulative and without sections. These shall be added to the penalty points of the first league.

Team spirit

Teams shall be formed from the classification. ex team A composed of member 1,6,11,16, team B 2,7,12,17 etc etc. This will aid to get experienced anglers to help those less experienced. 

Participation fee

The participation fee shall be 9 euros for the three matches.

Fishing rods

Fishing shall be allowed with both pole and rod and reel. Pole rods shall be allowed from 6-9m while rod and reel shall be from 4-8m.

Fishing technique

Fishing only with float. (fixed, wagglers, running etc). No lures are allowed. 1 or 2 hooks are allowed only at the end of the line. The size of the weights cannot exceed the size of weight that the float can take. 


All fish are allowed except for unfishlike creatures. 

Size of hooks

No limit on size of hooks.

Trophies and Vouchers

Trophies shall be awarded for 

1st, 2nd and 3rd individual classification.
First five biggest fish over 250grms (each angler is entitled to one trophy)
Trophies for each angler of the best team. (teams shall not fish near each other but according to the peg of the day)

Vouchers shall be awarded upon confirmation of sponsorships.

Eligible participants and minimum number of participants

Patricipation shall be limited to those anglers included in the NFSAM 2013 1st league.
The league shall only be held once the the number of anglers is confirmed to be over 15.

Anglers shall contact any member of their committee by Friday 25th July 2013
or on 79851709, 99809658, 79066154


Below is the present NFSAM league table :


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Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association 00356 79057238 - Jonathan Vella

President Honorary: Steve Johnston
President: John Attard
Vice President: Saviour Borg
Treasurer: Alex Genovese
Secretary: Jonathan Vella
Ass. Secretary: Roberto Bugeja
PRO: Lyon Galea
Asst PRO: Andre Borg
Match Co-ordinator: Jonathan Aquilina


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