KSFA Doubles League 4th match - XGHAJRA ZABBAR

21/06/2012 19:58

Next Sunday 24th June is the day for the 4th match as scheduled of the Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association in Xhgajra Zabbar.


Meeting time @ 5.30am


fishing time from 6.30am - 10.30am


The table still shows Andre Borg and Charlo Borg in the leading position followed by Pierre Poulton and Darrel Pace whilst Robert Attard and Franklin Formosa in a good solid 3rd place toghether with Jonathan Aquilina and Lawrence Scicluna ......


Tables will surely change around after the 4th match .....


It will be a surely nice match to watch as some weeks ago we had the same experience of fishing Xghajra during the National Federation League and surely small mullet will play a good part in deciding results for the day!




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