Jason Saliba deservedly clinches first singles match

07/04/2013 17:04

Today the 7th of April ushered in two very important leagues. The KSFA singles league and the National league.


In fact today`s match was valid for both leagues, as it was held in conjunction with BSea Sports fishing assoc also an NFSAM member.

In all some 47 anglers participated in this event.

Those who did braved the cold and rain throughout the match. In fact the match was originally planned for Xghajra rocks but the high NWesterly winds in the early morning had already whipped up very rough seas, making it very dangerous to fish in the area.

This necessitated going for the alternate venue which was Birgu Toqba.


Although at Birgu the sea posted no danger, still the anglers had to contend with the strong majestral blowing to their face, and near torrential rain for most of the match.


These conditions made any type of fishing a chore, anglers could be observed shivering hardly able to put the bait on the hook, but they persevered even though bites were few and far between.

Fish caught mostly consisted of saddle bream (sparli) and an assortment of wrasse.

Although today all anglers deserve a medal for endurance, the honours go to Jason Saliba who with 1.1Kgs placed 1st, very closely followed by Darren Stafrace with 1.090kgs and in 3rd place Franklin Formosa with .930kgs.

Section Winners were: Section A: Adrian Nelson .620Kgs, Section B: Clayton Camilleri .730Kgs and Section C: Brian Farrugia .660Kgs.
The above results are only valid for the KSFA singles league.


Full NSFAM results will be published when made available by federation.
Next match KSFA doubles marshalls match at San Maison on the 21st of April.



match report by John Attard


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Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association 00356 79057238 - Jonathan Vella

President Honorary: Steve Johnston
President: John Attard
Vice President: Saviour Borg
Treasurer: Alex Genovese
Secretary: Jonathan Vella
Ass. Secretary: Roberto Bugeja
PRO: Lyon Galea
Asst PRO: Andre Borg
Match Co-ordinator: Jonathan Aquilina


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