11/11/2016 21:37

Yoy Shop We Ship - Christmas 2016 is coming early this year

Tired of buying overpriced brands locally ...... 
01/11/2016 16:54

FIMA groundbaits from Mister Fish

    FIMA is considered to be one of the leading groundbait companies in Europe.    It has several types of grounbait to cater for many different species of fish in the Maltese islands.    Choose FIMA for better angling results! Only from Misterfish!
26/10/2016 21:01

Super catch of 7kgs by Bjorn Brincat in mullet 2nd match

KSFA 2nd Mullet League match - 23rd October 2016   KSFA presents to you Bjorn Brincat a KSFA new comer winning this league's 2nd match held in Sliema with a heavy keep net of 7.24 kilos.    2nd up was Saviour Borg with 2.47 kilos, taking the 2nd overall position in the...
03/10/2016 17:30

KSFA 3 day Tournament 2016

Sandro Zammit & Jonathan Bonnici run away winners of 2016 KSFA 3 Day tournament. The 2016 KSFA 3 day tournament was described by most as the best edition so far, as although the 1st place was a forgone conclusion after the first match.  This was a night match at Boiler Wharf Senglea where...
26/09/2016 21:17

Franklin Formosa back with a bang in first mullet match

Mullet league gets under way.  Franklin Formosa returns with a bang , by handsomely winning the first match.  Joseph Ellul fondly known as il Gower not only made 2nd place but also landed the biggest fish a mullet of over 900g.  In 3rd place we had a newcomer with KSFA who instantly...
21/09/2016 21:42

Summer 2016 Events

    The marathon Mit-Tfal ghat-tfal has come and gone, and what a success it was, where close to 50 children took part in this great event to raise funds for Qalb It-tfal in aid of the Intensive care unit in Mater Dei.  Our young lads and lasses fished for 3 hours and in the process...
19/08/2016 17:12

Mit-Tfal Ghat-Tfal 2016 Fishing Marathon

After last year's success this year KSFA will again be organising a 3hr fishing marathon, aptly called Mit-Tfal Ghat-Tfal. This is none other than a fishing marathon where our young ones will be spend a good 3hrs fishing for a good cause. This year's edition will be to collect funds for Qalb...
31/07/2016 20:55

John Attard triumphs on the day as Nelson seals his 2nd consecutive Singles League Title!

The last match of KSFA singles league was held this very morning at Manoel Island Gzira.  It was a still morning with hardly a breeze, clear sky's and crystal clear waters. A dawn to behold of our lovely Island. As was expected of this venue the parrot fish ruled the day, especially in section...
04/07/2016 20:14

Mister Fish Albacore season offer

Watch out in all Mister Fish outlets for just 125 euros you'll be well equipped for the albacore season  
03/07/2016 18:32

KSFA Singles match 4 - St Angelo Fort

The 4th KSFA singles league match was today held under Fort Saint Angelo in Birgu.  It has been a while since a competition was held there and very much was expected from this venue.  Did it live up to these expectations ? Not really as bites were few and far between.  But by sheer...

Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association MALTA

Fishing is a growing sport amongst all age groups in Malta and the KSFA committee strives hard to promote angling as a sport, keeping fish conservation in mind at all times. We are also members in the Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isports.

Our motto is in fact Catch and Release.

Apart from numerous local events and bi monthly angling competitions we also paticipated for the very first international experience as 11 top Maltese anglers who have placed in top positions in the National Federation League and competed against other countries in the 3rd edition of the Sport World Fishing Championships held in Tuscany in August 2011.

In 2013 another two Maltese teams participated in Cadiz 2013 European Championships and we are now preparing ourselves for Italy 2014 which will be held in San Benedetto Del Tronto coming May 2014

For more information about the World Sport Fishing Championships view the webpage



In fact in 2006 we had the opportunity to represent


 in a fishing tournament against the Sicilian federation and place first to fourth on the podium.

As an organisation we also offer assistance to young anglers who show an interest in the club, by means of having several organised matches for them to be trained in sport angling. 

We even have a childrens fishing team and all year tournament.

We have had the opportunity to be invited to various sports programs on television after organising tournaments or marathons for philanthropic organisations such as Inspire amongst others.

We were the first to help build one of the multi sensory rooms developed at the complex in MScala, not only financially through donations, but also by our members voluntarily donating them professional help.


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